• Your industrial partner between Canada and Chine

    For the manufacture of custom metal parts, from design to delivery.
  • Métallifer combines Canadian know-how and Chinese competitiveness

    Since 1988, our mission has been to help supply buyers and developers from manufacturing companies with metal parts and components at fair prices that are viable for their production. Trust Métallifer to provide you with the components you need, right on time!

    Our commitment

    To offer you a secure, competitive industrial subcontracting solution with our own office of Canadian experts in China.

    Our permanent presence in Asia with our office of Canadian experts based in China allows our clients to enjoy unique benefits. Indeed, we are your exclusive point of contact for the order, manufacture, and delivery of your parts, from our partner factories in Asia. We perform daily inspections of the parts to precisely achieve the desired result.

    Our services

    Whatever your line of business, we can help you bring your projects to life.

    Our approach

    Save time and money thanks to our handling, storage, transportation, and customs clearance services.

    Métallifer has developed considerable expertise in the design and manufacture of industrial metal parts, logistics, inventory management, and international trade. It’s essential for us to keep acquiring knowledge in our areas of expertise and to help our clients take advantage of it.

    Your direct link with China

    Thanks to our office in China, you enjoy unique benefits. Trust Métallifer to provide you with the metal parts you need, right on time!